A wakeboarding excursion turns into our first emergency room visit

O n Friday, after weeks of promising Zachary that we’d get out to the East Coast so he could try cable wake boarding, we finally made it over to Ski360. Grandma and Grandpa came with us to watch and take photos of the crazy boy get pulled around the lake. While Zachary was being set up with the equipment and watching the safety and instructional videos, my parents and I went to grab a nearby table and order some refreshments while we waited.

Zachary decided to start out on a knee board to get a feel for how the cable system would work. He manage to get the hang of it immediately and did several laps around the lake on his first time out. He was pretty impressed with himself and, I have to admit that after watching numerous people repeatedly wipe out trying to get the hang of the cable system, I was pretty impressed with him too.

I was a proud mamma sitting on the sidelines taking photos trying to get a good shot as he went by.

That’s my boy!

After a while of knee boarding Zachary decided that he was ready for the wake board. In hindsight, it was possibly a little premature but he was on a high from picking up the knee boarding so fast so, he got out and went to get instructions and a board.

His initial take off looked great!

Again, I was impressed with my little man.

Sadly, the high didn’t last long.

As Zachary got his balance and footing under control it became clear that the first ramp/jump was coming all too quickly and Zach was headed straight for it.

Later we found out that the women at the entrance to the water had told him not to turn.

Umm…mom says next time you are going 35km/hour towards a ramp you don’t want to jump off of…TURN!

But turn, he did not.

Nope. He caught the bottom edge of the ramp and had one spectacular crash. Enough so that they actually shut down the cable system until he confirmed he wasn’t seriously injured and got himself out of the way.

After an initial assessment, Zachary was sporting a banged up elbow but it wasn’t broken judging by the way he was bending and straightening his arm. His helmet protected his head from the contact it made with the ramp.  Thank God for protective gear! All in all, he was very lucky.

So, did he go and change so we could head home????

Of course not.

He went back, picked up a knee board and got back out on the lake. He’s stubborn like that.

I have no idea where he gets that from. <ahem>

Only when his arms were tired and his hands were getting blistered from gripping the handle did he come out for a break. And, it was then that I got my first glimpse of the egg that had hatched on his elbow.

I decided that a trip to the doctor was probably in order. A few phone calls later and we were off to the hospital to meet Neil.

In Montreal, it wasn’t uncommon to have to wait hours in the emergency room before you saw a triage nurse, let alone a doctor. In Singapore, by the time I parked the car and made it to the Accidents and Emergencies lobby where Neil and Zach had gone, Zach had already been seen by the doctor and was heading to get an X ray.

No joke.

Zach had been seen by the doctor, had a X ray, had it read, received treatment, we paid and were on our way home in less than an hour. The hospital was clean and efficient and the doctor was wonderful. Even though we will have to file the insurance paperwork ourselves to get reimbursed, the hospital staff made the whole process quick and easy. Neil and I were blown away by the entire experience.

I have to take Zachary to see a specialist tomorrow morning to confirm exactly what’s happening with his elbow but it only took a quick phone call this morning to get that appointment. Again, I can’t get over the medical system here!

Tomorrow’s appointment will determine if Zach has indeed injured the growth plate in his elbow. If the Orthopedic surgeon says everything looks fine, then the temporary cast comes off. If not, a full cast will be put on. We’re hoping for the best but his elbow still hurts quite a bit. While I’d rather the whole thing be over with, I am put at ease knowing that, whatever the outcome, we’ll have efficient and excellent treatment.

Just one more thing to be thankful for in Singapore.

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  1. Toni April 4, 2012 at 8:07 am #

    Glad to read that Zach’s elbow should heal well with the cast. Wow! What a great medical system. I may have to ship Yves to Singapore the next time he doesn’t feel well. It took us four visits to three different hospitals within six days for Yves to have his much needed kidney surgery last month. Gotta love Montreal ;(

    • NikiC April 4, 2012 at 1:53 pm #

      Hi Toni! I knew that you guys were having trouble getting an answer, I didn’t realize that it took you guys 4 visits. I hope that things settle down now!

  2. Dad June 25, 2012 at 1:09 am #

    Niki, should I try to post the video of the fateful crash?

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