They were right…it does go too fast.

People told me to enjoy each moment, because they would be gone before I knew it. I remember outwardly nodding and agreeing that it was, indeed, going too quickly.  On the inside, however, I was doubtful. I mean, seriously, how could time possibly be going by quickly when there were days that felt like they […]

Cambodia Photo Tour

In a word, Cambodia was… Amazing! Striking! Eye-opening! Thought provoking… OK, so that was five words, but all are true. In Singapore, Cambodia is a very popular place for charities to focus on. Caring for Cambodia and Tabitha are two of the largest organizations and, if you are interested, please feel free to click through […]

Weird thoughts

You know, sometimes my mind works in weird ways. For example, as I was standing at the stove this evening, browning some bacon for a Caesar salad, I started watching a particular piece as it was rendering down. Have you ever really watched bacon cook? As the pan heats up, the fat in the bacon […]

Countdown to Cambodia

Those of you who know me well, know that I love photography. I received my first camera, a KODAK Disc, when I was in junior high, but it wasn’t until our boys were born that I really got into it. We used to joke that the boys were so used to having their pictures taken […]

Recent News


Hello old friend!

Logging into the blog after a long hiatus is like bumping into an old friend you haven’t seen in ages. I want to say “hi” and catch you up on life, but I’m not really sure where to start. So much has happened since my last post, some of it exciting, but most of it […]

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The Art of the Brick

I don’t know many mothers of boys who haven’t lived through the LEGO building years. There’s something about a box full of plastic bricks that can become just about anything you can imagine that has been drawing in kids for decades. They’ve also been drawn to the bottom of my bare feet a few too […]

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Craving a little heat?

Ok, I haven’t done a food/restaurant post in ages and, frankly, I didn’t want to. It’s hard to compare anything to octopus balls. To this day, nobody will try them again. However, as I was going through some random photos, I came across some shots from a restaurant that we absolutely love, and I thought […]

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Christmas is coming…but I’m not feelin’ it.

Photo via Jack Fussell on Flickr I can’t explain it. Orchard Rd. is covered in the most obnoxious Christmas lights you can imagine. Glorious but obnoxious. Every mall in the area has their decorations and trees up, and every block is a different holiday color scheme. Tanglin Mall shoots fake snow into the air every […]

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Who does he think he is? Harry Potter?

We have a rule in our house that every Sunday morning the boys have to clean their rooms and bathrooms. Unlike many expats, we don’t have a helper (FDW, maid, whatever you want to call them) so the boys are responsible for their own mess. I feel that at the ages of 13, 15, and […]

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No Way!

A friend of mine, the blogger behind Tale of a Trailing Spouse , was recently nominated for a Top Blog award from the website Expats Blog. It’s absolutely well deserved and I’m thrilled for her. You should definitely check out her site when you have a chance.  She is a lot of fun and a […]

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